Pelican 3000M Bi-Directional Inverter

This bi-directional inverter is so unique, that it makes it suitable for computer and IT applications also. Thanks to its smart design, which offers less than 5 ms changeover time. Another important yet unmatched feature is that it comes with inbuilt IGBT based rectifier charger. This gives near unity power factor, and minimal distortion levels on to the supply side. Add to this, the basic modules N x 10 kW / N x 15 kW of Pelican 3000M inverters are designed to work in parallel giving redundancy in case of failure of any module working in parallel which makes it most suitable and reliable inverter for the Telecom operation. The combined effect of all these special features make Pelican inverter a new generation inverter giving best ROI to it’s user.

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    • Multiple 32 bit DSP controllers
    • Inbuilt IGBT based battery charger
    • Space Vector Modulation
    • High efficiency
    • True Bi-directional Inverter
    • Modular construction gives higher MTTR Basic module is 10 kW & 15 kW
    • Changeover time < 5ms
    • Battery charging through Grid up to 100%
    • Inbuilt isolation transformer for galvanic isolation
    • 128 x 64 Graphics display
    • Input current balancing which forces balanced current on mains, even if, load current is unbalanced
    • Load voltage balancing, even if, mains voltage is unbalanced
    • In case of abscence of any input phase, that particular phase is created by the inverter to feed the load
System Rating(kVA) 10 15 20 30 45
Mains Input
Input Supply 415 VAC , 50 Hz (-20%, +15%),3 Phase 4 Wire
Battery Voltage 48V (Optional 96V, 120V)
Active Filtering during load on mains  
(Load Harmonic corrections) THDi up to 3 % & Power Factor > 0.99
Power in KW 8 12 16 24 36
Switching Element IGBT
Control 32 Bit DSP controlled
Nominal Output Voltage 415 VAC L - L, 3 Phase 4 Wire
Nominal Frequency 50 Hz
Output Waveform Sine Wave
Load Power Factor 0.6 lag to 1 (within kVA and kW rating)
Voltage regulation ± 2%
Voltage Stability in dynamic condition Complies with IEC/EN 62040-3, Class 1
Output voltage distortion with 100% linear load < 2%
Change overtime < 5ms
Inverter efficiency Up to 90%
Protection degree IP 20
Colour RAL 7016, Texture
Cooling Forced Air
Galvanic Isolation Inbuilt isolation transformer at inverter output
Protection Under / Over voltage for Input, Output & Battery
  Output overload, Short circuit, Over temperature
Display Parameter 1. Battery - Voltage, Current
  2. Mains - Voltage, Current
  3. Inverter - Voltage, Current, Inv. heat sink temp. Power
Indications Battery on Float, Battery on Boost, Battery low, Battery Charging / Discharging,
  Mains Switch ON, Inverter Switch ON, Mains ON, Load ON, Inverter ON, Manual Bypass ON
Temperature Operating 0 to 40° C
Max. Relative humidity @ 25°C (non condensing) Up to 95%
Acoustic Noise @ 1m (Ref. ISO 3746) ≤ 62 dBA ≤ 65 dBA ≤ 68 dBA
Max. Altitude above sea level without de-rating 1000 m
Standard Compliance  
Testing IEC 62040 - 3

 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvement in design & technology.
Custom models available on request.


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